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TensorFlow Roadshow 2018 | Bengaluru

Akash Pawar, student of the Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering department of the Padre Conceicao College of Engineering attended Google TensorFlow Roadshow at Bengaluru on 5th October 2018.

Google Devs India brought together top TensorFlow users and other machine learning experts in Bengaluru on October 05th 2018 at Hotel Conrad , Bengaluru. At this event, the TensorFlow team presented a series of highly-technical talks on machine learning, which included hard looks at TensorFlow's roadmap, a preview of Cloud TPUs, and talks from their engineers about advanced applications.

This event was invite based wherein only 400 applicants among thousands got the invite, Akash was one amongst one among the lucky 400, selected on the basis of his technical proficiency, skills, TensorFlow projects, contribution towards the TensorFlow community, contribution to Google developers group, etc.

Here is a list of speakers and a brief summary of their respective talks.

Amit Anil Patankar (Software Engineer – TensorFlow) : Introduction to Tensor2Tensor, a tool which makes research simpler. Andrew Selle (TensorFlow Lite): He spoke about the lite version of TensorFlow which can be run on devices with low processing power and showed a demo on TensorFlow being run on a RTOS device.

Gogul Balakrishnan (Software Engineer – TensorFlow): He spoke about TensorFlow with Swift which is a programming language used to design iOS apps. Kenny Song (Associate Product Manager – TensorFlow): He provided details about TensorFlow Extended (TFX), Google’s end to end machine learning platform. Priya Gupta (Software Engineer – TensorFlow) : She introduced the audience to the hardware aspects of TensorFlow (CPU,GPU,TPU).

Sandeep Gupta (Product Manager – TensorFlow): He gave us an idea about the structure of TensorFlow community and its functioning. He also spoke about SIG’s (Special Interest Groups) and TensorFlow with JavaScript. Sourabh Bajaj (Software Engineer – TensorFlow): He spoke about the different single board computers designed to run TensorFlow Daniel ‘Wolff” Dobbson (Developer Programs Engineer-TensorFlow): He provided details of Project Magenta. Magenta stands for Music and art Generation. This is a project in