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Padre Conceição College Of Engineering
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To impart quality education and to Grow into a Center of Excellence in the field of Computer Engineering.
⇨ To provide excellent academic      courses, services, facilities, and      technologies, that offers diverse      opportunities for learning and      research.

⇨ To provide a vibrant learning      environment.

⇨ To foster and maintain mutually      beneficial partnerships with industry      and alumni.

Department of Information Technology

Technical Events

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Game Engine Architecture and Game Development

The Departments of Information Technology and Computer Engineering organized an AICTE-ISTE Short Term Training Programme on Game Engine Architecture and Game Development from 6th to 10th November 2017. The resource persons for the workshop included Dr. Venkatesh V. Kamat, Head of the the Department of Computer Science and Technology,Goa University, Dr. Luis Mesquita, Professor, Ms. Razia Sardinha, I/C Head Information Technology Department, Mr. Siddesh Savant, Assistant Professor, Mr. Derrick Nazareth , Assistant Professor and Ms. Sabella Pereira, Assistant Professor from the departments of Information Technology and Computer Engineering, Padre Conceicao College of Engineering. There were a total of 25 participants. The workshop was coordinated by Ms. Sonia Fernandes and Ms. Ravina Quadros, Assistant Professors from the department of Information Technology

Winning the Start-Up Challenge

The departments of Computer Engineering and Information Technology of Padre Conceicao College of Engineering organized a lecture on the topic Winning the Start Up Challenge on 31st January, in the college auditorium. The distinguished invited speaker for the talk was Dr. Ashok Prabhu, Key member of SCORE organization in the U.S., providing voluntary mentoring services to business entrepreneurs. The presentation covered the business process steps for startups, appropriate ways to avoid common mistakes, guidelines for selecting the right business opportunity, ways to develop an effective marketing strategy, raising funds and delivering value to customers. The talk was attended by students and faculty.

Big Data and Internet of Things

ISTE approved one-week Short-term Training Program on Big Data and Internet of Things was conducted from 09th to 13th may 2016. The course was conducted by eminent personalities from Academia and Industry The aim of this program was to introduce concepts of Big Data and Internet of Things(IoT) and how to resolve day-to-day problems using these technologies as well as provide a research drive for the faculties that will in return benefit the students. The participants were from various colleges like RIEIT-Shiroda , DMC-Assagao and P.C.C.E. The coordinators were Assistant Professors Ms. Fiona Coutinho and Ms. Okstynn Rodrigues.


A one day workshop on DRUPAL was conducted by eminent resource persons from Srijan Technologies, New Delhi. This workshop was held on 12th March 2016 for the students of third and final years of Computer Engineering and Information Technology. The participants got a hands-on training in various Drupal technologies such as template configuration, extension development, configuring the database and deployment of website. At the end of the workshop students developed their own website and were rewarded with stickers. Several students were offered internship at Srijan Technologies as they impressed the resource team with their active participation and websites. The workshop was coordinated by Mrs.Ravina Quadros and Mr. Siddesh Savant.

Visual Studio 2015

ISTE approved short term Training Program on Visual Studio 2015 was conducted by the faculty of the department. About 30 faculty members from different Engineering Colleges participated in this workshop. Visual Studio 2015 is a rich, integrated development environment for creating applications for Windows, Android, iOS and cloud services.

National Network Security Championship

Padre Conceicao College of Engineering was the zonal center for the National Network Security Championship organized by E-Cell IIT Bombay and Network Bulls held on 13th and 14th March 2015. A total of 39 students and faculty attended the workshop which was followed by the Championship where the participants were competing against each other to qualify for final round to be held at IIT Bombay on 10th May 2015. Mr. Manish Tyagi, Senior Network Engineer at Network Bulls was the trainer for the event. The Chief-Coordinators for the event were Ms. Sulana Rebelo , Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering and Ms. Malony Alphonso, Assistant Professor Department of Information Technology.

Oracle 12c Application Development

One-week ISTE approved Short Term Training Program on Oracle 12c Application Development was organized as part of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of the Reorganization of Pilar Society. Oracle 12c Database introduces a new multitenant architecture that makes it easy to consolidate many databases and manage them as a Cloud service, thereby providing greater levels of efficiency, security and availability. The resource faculty for the workshop were Dr. Luis Mesquita , Principal of P.C.C.E., Mr. Neville Menezes , Solutions Architect for Ericsson, Pune and Mr. Lucio Mesquita , CEO of L&ATech Pvt Ltd. Sessions were also conducted by Mr. Shaba Desai, Mrs. Razia de Loyola Furtado e Sardinha, Ms. Sulana Rebelo and Ms. Malony Alphonso , all Assistant Professors in the departments of I.T./Computer Engineering, P.C.C.E. Mrs. Razia Sardinha was the Convenor for the workshop. Ms. Sulana Rebelo and Ms. Malony Alphonso were the Chief-Coordinators.


Unreal Engine 4

The Departments of Information Technology and Computer Engineering organised a workshop on Unreal Engine 4 from 3rd to 14th July 2017 as part of the internship program. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Chandra Sekhar Badatya and faculty from the Computer/IT department. A total of 25 sessions were covered by Dr. Luis C. Mesquita, Mrs. Razia Sardinha, Mrs. Ravina Quadros, Mr. Siddhesh Savant, Mr. Derrick Nazareth and Ms. Sabella Pereira. Mr. Badatya is currently working as a Maya software trainer at Animation and Art School, Goa. He gave 4 hands-on sessions to the students on object modelling and rigging using the Maya software. The other topics covered during the workshop were Console and Window based Games, Introduction to the Unreal Engine, Installation, Viewport Navigation, Orthographic Modes, Object Modelling, Game Development using Blueprints and C++, Materials, Cinematics, Animation Curves, Slots and Sockets. The internship program concluded with a valedictory ceremony. The Chief Guest was Mr. Georgio Menezes, Project Manager at Numadic, Goa. The ceremony was also attended by Prof. Joe Kurian, Principal, Dr. Luis C. Mesquita, HOD M.E.I.T., Ms. Anusha Pai, HOD Computer Department, Ms. Razia Sardinha, HOD Department of Information Technology, faculty of the Computer & Information Technology Department and registered students. A total of 37 students registered for the workshop. The internship coordinators for the Computer Department were Asst. Professor Ms. Sufola Araujo and Asst. Professor Ms. Sulana Rebelo. Asst. Professor Ms. Malony Alphonso and Asst. Professor Ms. Suwarna Sularkar were the internship coordinators from the Information Technology Department.

Microcontroller Programming and Interfacing using Arduino

A workshop on Microcontroller Programming and Interfacing using Arduino was conducted as part of the internship program by Mr. Abhishek Jain, Kodework, Panjim. In course of the workshop the students learnt about the basics of microcontrollers, Programming and Interfacing using Arduino. At the end of the ceremony, the students demonstrated the mini projects designed over the two-week workshop.

Windows Phone Application Development

Internship on Windows Phone Application Development from 4th to 15th July 2016. Various topics such as Introduction to C#, XAML, Navigation Model, Universal Apps, Accessing Media, Maps and Database Connectivity. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Vibhav Patil. A total of 54 students from the third year and final year attended the workshop.


Internship on Meteor from 29th June to 10th July was conducted by Mr. Amit Kenny. It was attended by Third year and Final year students of Information Technology and Computer Engineering departments. Meteor is a complete open source platform for building web and mobile in pure JavaScript. Meteor offers a real-time, isomorphic and superfast-to-develop platform with a huge list of smart packages available for use. Also Meteor is completely cross platform: Windows/Mac OS/Linux. The technologies learnt during the course were HTML5, Advanced Javascript, CSS3, Materialize CSS and MongoDB.

Incubatees from CIBA

Incubatees from CIBA, namely, RightScope Technologies, ETechServ, Allianz Resources, Goaa and Transerv Technologies addressed the students on the importance of internship, work culture in Industry and the technologies used. The event was attended by the third year students of Information Technology and Computer Engineering. Internships were offered to 25 students.



Students are taken for field trips to industries in Goa , one such was a visit to PSL, Verna, where they were addressed by Dr Siddhartha Chatterjee, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Persistent Systems Limited, on Digital Transformation: Building Your Software Designed Business