Society of the missionaries of St.Francis Xavier, Pilar, Goa, Agnel Region
Padre Conceição College Of Engineering
Managed by Agnel Charities, Approved by AICTE and Affiliated to Goa University

The Department of Basic Sciences     and Humanities equips all     engineering graduates with solid     knowledge in applied sciences and     mathematics that are needed to solve     challenging problems in their     respective engineering disciplines.
The Department contributes Physics,     Chemistry, Mathematics and     Economics content for the BE     Program.
The Department develops graduating     engineers that are competent in     communicationa and interpersonal     skills.

Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities

Department of Basic Science and Humanities

List of Experiments

Experiment numberType of experiment
1Introduction to Chemistry Lab session: Discussion on basic aspects like calculation of Normality and Molarity, Preparation of solutions, Aquantance with glass wave and other laboratory facilities.
2Determination of viscosity by using Ostwald Viscometer.
3Elemental analysis using Calorimeter.
4Determination of pH, turbidity and dissolved solid content of water.
5Determination of hardness of given water sample.
6Determination of alkalinity of given water sample.
7Determination of dissolved Oxygen content in water.
8Titrimetric analysis involvong use of conductometer.
9Synthesis of polymer.

Recommended reading for practicals:

1. Vogels text book of Quatitative chemical analysis, 6th Edition

2. Sunita Rattan, Experiments in applied chemistry, S.K Kataria & Sons