Society of the missionaries of St.Francis Xavier, Pilar, Goa, Agnel Region
Padre Conceição College Of Engineering
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A Vision Realised

On June 9, 1957 when the Ashram was inaugurated at Bandra, Mumbai, Our Founder, Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues spelt out his dream. "Our principal aim will be to promote our rich heritage", he said. As the first Indian Missionary Society, we have strived to serve our fellow citizens while nurturing this dream. The Ashram has branches all over India and is immersed in the development of modern Indian society at every level.


Ven. Fr. Agnelo De Souza

Fr. Agnel Ashram was founded on 9th June 1957, in Bandra, Mumbai on a piece of land known as "Land's End" with the aim of fostering, through Educational and Charitable Institutions, love and understanding among the people of various communities of India and contributing towards India's development and self-reliance of its people.

Beginning with an Orphanage and Trade School in Carpentry, it went on to progress and expand in to a full fledged Industrial Training Institute, a Polytechnic, and an Engineering College besides providing basic general educational services by way of a High School and a Higher Secondary School. It also offers Production facilities in its workshops.

It was named after the Ven. Fr. Agnel De Souza, a Goan Priest who died in the odour of sancitity in 1927. From Mumbai, Fr. Agnel Ashram branched in 1979 at Verna Goa and New Delhi simultaneously, and later in 1984 it branched in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, with the same aim and similiar institutional setup.

The Agnel Ashram in Goa spreading over 25 acres of verdant, hilly slopes, at Verna, was the fulfillment of a long felt need of providing technical education facilities for the youth of Goa. The Agnel Ashram Fathers under the inspiration of their charismatic leader Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues had acquired experience in conducting technical education in Mumbai. They felt that the experience they had acquired should be put to the service of the people of Goa. Within a span of two decades, the project has made considerable progress, thanks to the generous support from the Government, friends and well wishers.

Educational Institutes at Agnel Ashram, Goa

Padre Conceiçao College of Engineering

Fr. Agnel Polytechnic

Agnel Industrial Training Institute

Fr. Agnel Trade School

Fr. Agnel Craft School

Fr. Agnel Multipurpose Higher Secondary School

Fr. Agnel Multipurpose High School

Fr. Agnel Multipurpose K.G. & Primary School